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Buying a Policy

Can I pay via Apple or Google Pay? Who is the owner of the car? Who is the registered keeper of the car? What is car insurance? How do I buy a policy? How do you calculate my insurance price? Is car insurance compulsory? How much does Legal Expenses cost? How do I add Legal Expenses to my policy? What are Policy Extras? Can I drive in the EU? Can I drive someone else's car with comprehensive insurance? What are the different levels of cover? What is the difference between a main driver and named driver? What does "Business Use" mean? What are the different "Classes of Use"? Why isn’t my car reg being recognised? Will modifications affect my insurance premium? What difference does it make where I park? Will my annual mileage affect the price of my quote? I can’t find my job title? Do I have to list non-fault claims when getting a quote?